General information
Company name/Trading name: CÔNG TY TNHH THỦY SẢN HÒA THẮNG.
Abbreviated name: HOA THANG SEAFOOD CO.,LTD
Address: Loc An Seafood Inductrial Zone, An Hai Hamlet, Loc An Commune, Dat Do District,
Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, Vietnam .
Business license : 3500810424 , issued 13 th August 2007
Code surimi: DL 523
Phone number: 0254.3685568/0254.3685569 ; Fax : 0254 3636456

History of formation and development
Hoa Thang seafood Co.Ltd was established in 2007. Over 12 years of construction and
development, our products have been exported to many countries such as Thailand, Japan, Korea and China. With the increasing production and quality improvements, the company is created its own prestigious brand and trusted by customers. It also sets the goal of becoming a large fish surimi processing and exporting company in Vietnam and other countries.

In 2017, Hoa Thang seafood has built a new manufacturer which is invested in advanced technology, modern production line and especially a large astewater treatment system to sever the production and protect environment.

(picture hoa thang company)
-Employees: 100 – 200 people.
– Processing capacity of 800-900 tons of Surimi finished products per month.
– Cold storage of 400 tons.
– Testing laboratories and technical staff.
With the motto "quality is the decisive factor for the success of the business”. Therefore, our company always aims to improve the quality of products and services to satisfy customers’ needs and maintain the prestige of HOA THANG brand in the domestic and international market.