We are proud to announce that on July 10th, 2020 HOA THANG Seafood Company was granted the EU code and able to export the products to European countries. It was officially taken effective from the date of July 28th, 2020.

Please search by this link: http://www.nafiqad.gov.vn/danh-sach-doanh-nghiep-che-bien-thuy-san-viet-nam-du-dieu-kien-bao-dam-an-toan-thuc-pham-va-xuat-khau-vao-cac-thi-truong_t221c330n39

To enter into this market, we have acquired permissible certificates and assured the product quality. As a fact, certification of source of material or we may call it Catch Certificate aka CC is also a hindrance for export. With humble CC quotation, we somehow solve the problem of paperwork for European customers.